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How can we add user registration (custom fields) form in WordPress(plugin)?

Step1: Go to your WordPress dashboard

Step2: select plugins menu and click on add a new option

Step3:  A search box will appear on your display 

Step4: Then type “form-maker” inside of the search box

Step5: select the first plugin as shown in the below:

Step6:  After completion of  installing plugin click on the activate button

Step7: Then form maker menu will appear on your dashboard

Step8: Just hover your mouse on form maker menu and select forms

Step9: click on the add new button 

Step10: choose your desired form fields  and click on the publish

Step11: Then go back to your forms menu, there you can see your form. beside of your form title, you can see a shortcode 

Step12: just copy the shortcode and paste it into your desired page