Who is Amit Agarwal?

Who is Amit Agarwal?

Amit Agarwal is a Computer Science Engineer from I.I.T. Roorkee (1999) and he became the first professional blogger in India after he quit his corporate job. Amit was the Google Developer Expert for Gsuite and Google Apps Script for five years.

The initial plan of Amit Agarwal

His initial idea was to write blogs on his job experience so that people all over the world can read his blog and give their work to him. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. But, one day his father bought a new HP printer and he wrote a blog on that printer’s price and specifications.

He noticed that Google started sending more traffic for that particular blog and engagement was very high and he is getting a lot of questions from people. Then he applied for the Google AdSense as he is getting more traffic but, he is making only about 5 cents to 10 cents a day.

The turning point in Blogging:

In 2004, he managed to show to people around him that blogging is a new source of income and he declared himself as an Amit Agarwal Professional Blogger. But when the seven-eleven blast occurs and a series of train blasts occurred in 2006 in Mumbai. Indian Government has passed an order to block 10-12 website ISP’s(Internet Service Provides). But, ISP’S instead of blocking the site the ISP’s blocked the entire domains. Without taking much time ban on blogs has been lifted by the Government and people realized how important blogging is. 

Amit Agarwal blogger started writing  Technical blogs there was no competition for technical blogs at that time. People are visiting and showing interest in Technology blogs. He is working as a one-man army in the field of blogging (labnol blog)


The only way for blogger Amit Agarwal to monetize his blogs by Goggle AdSense and there are other platforms but Amit doesn’t want the irrelevant Ads to be shown on his blogs which repels visitors and sometimes ads slow down the website.