date picker

How to use Jquery Datepicker?

A:  We required calendar control when we want to choose date for particular operation. In this situation jquery datepicker is useful.


<html lang = “en”>


      <meta charset = “utf-8”>

      <title>jQuery UI Datepicker functionality</title>

      <link href = “”

         rel = “stylesheet”>

      <script src = “”></script>

      <script src = “”></script>

      <!– Javascript –>


         $(function() {

            $( “#datepicker-3” ).datepicker({



               altField: “#datepicker-4”,

               altFormat: “DD, d MM, yy”






      <!– HTML –> 

      <p>Enter Date: <input type = “text” id = “datepicker-3”></p>

      <p>Alternate Date: <input type = “text” id = “datepicker-4”></p>




In this code we have datepicker attributes where we can defined the date format and many more things. The result is above calendar to choose date.