routing in Angjs

What is routing in angularjs?

In AngularJS, routing is what allows you to create Single Page Applications.

  • AngularJS routes enable you to create different URLs for different content in your application.
  • AngularJS routes allow one to show multiple contents depending on which route is chosen.
  • A route is specified in the URL after the # sign.

Ex:<body ng-app=”MyAngApp”>

<p><a href=”#/!”>MainPage</a></p>

<a href=”#!SubPage1″>SubPage1</a>
<a href=”#!SubPage2″>SubPage2</a>
<a href=”#!SubPage3″>SubPage3</a>

<div ng-view></div>

var app = angular.module(“MyAngApp”, [“ngRoute”]);
app.config(function($routeProvider) {
  .when(“/”, {
    templateUrl : “MainPage.htm”
  .when(“/SubPage1”, {
    templateUrl : “SubPage1.htm”
  .when(“/SubPage2”, {
    templateUrl : “SubPage2.htm”
  .when(“/SubPage3”, {
    templateUrl : “SubPage3.htm”