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What is the difference between javascript and jquery?


JavaScript can be used as a procedural as well as an object-oriented language. In fact, it can do much more than you can anticipate. It’s a powerful scripting language that creates functionality and features to provide a rich user experience. Almost every website uses JavaScript for interactive content and every web browser supports it with the help of a built-in JavaScript engine without having to use plug-ins. In simple terms, JavaScript brings web pages to life. The programs are called “scripts” which can be written in the HTML and further executed as the page finished loading. Jquery:

jQuery is an efficient yet fast JavaScript library that simplifies HTML document traversing, animation, event handling, and interaction handling for Ajax. It’s a cross-platform feature-rich scripting library specially designed to handle client-side scripting of HTML. The syntax of jQuery is so designed to make things simple such as animations, HTML elements, event listeners, etc. Things are much easier with jQuery which is very light-weight and fast and support all types of web browsers. The idea is to make it easy for developers to use JavaScript on websites in order to make it more interactive and user-friendly with less coding of-course.