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Hosting content using sub-domains will affect SEO..? Sub Domain or Folder, Which one is best for SEO.

One of the main questions rose while hosting content, Should it be hosted through a subdomain or a folder with the root domain? And how does this effect SEO?

As this is a digital era, everyone wants traffic. Any and every content has to be optimized for search engines.

How search engines currently view sub domains? Whether there’s any difference between a site structured as a group of sub-domains and one structured as a group of subdirectories.

Before we get to the answers first we need to understand a few points

Hosting content using regular URL path pointing out to a page hosted in a folder:

Now, this is a regular method where we host the content in a directory or a subdirectory from where the content is fetched.

What is sub-domain and its purpose:

Sub-domain is a part of your main domain but still, it gives you an independent space to perform a few tasks based on your requirement.

Host a blog:

Like hosting a separate blog but it is independent to the actual website. Which creates a distinction between the main website content and your blog content.

Hosting different product line or region of business using sub-domain:

You can host different products using the concern subdomains which differentiate the navigation to the users based on what they are looking at. This can also give clean navigation to the end-user.

So basically every sub -domain is treated as a separate website for which you can create a unique authority. Which means using sub -domains is recommended to improve your SEO.